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Tips on hole machining tools

Time:2017-09-27 09:44
U drill is to replace the whole bit with a replacement of the drill, making the processing of high hardness materials particularly convenient.
Advantages of U drilling:
U drill first and ordinary drill bit difference is U drill using the blade around the blade and the central blade, at this point of view, U drill and the relationship between ordinary hard drill in fact with the machine tool and the relationship between the welding tool, tool Wear no need to re-grinding directly after the replacement of the blade can be. After all, the use of indexable inserts or the overall hard drill to save material, and the consistency of the blade easier to control the size of parts.
U drilling rigidity is better, you can use a very high feed rate, and U drill processing diameter than ordinary drill larger, the maximum can reach D50 ~ 60mm, of course, U drilling due to the characteristics of the blade can not do too small.
U drill encountered a variety of materials only need to replace the same type of different grades of the blade can be, hard drill is not so convenient.
Compared to hard drill, U drill drill hole accuracy is still higher, and the finish is better, especially when the cooling is not smooth, more obvious, and U drilling can correct the accuracy of the hole position, hard drill, then to die, U drilling can be a drunk knife.
U drilling in the advantages of CNC machining:
1. U drill can be perforated on a surface with an inclination angle less than 30 ° without reducing the cutting parameters.
2. U drill cutting parameters reduced by 30%, can be intermittent cutting, such as processing intersecting holes, cross-hole, phase perforation.
3. U drill can be multi-step hole drilling, and can boring, chamfering, eccentric drilling.
4. U drill drilling when the drill is mostly short debris, and can use its internal cooling system for safe chip removal, no need to clean the chip on the cutting tool, is conducive to product processing continuity, shorten the processing time and improve efficiency.
5. In the standard long diameter ratio conditions, the use of U drilling drilling without debris.
6. U drill for the indexable tool, the blade wear without grinding, replacement is more convenient, and low cost.
7. The use of U drill hole out of the surface roughness value is small, the tolerance range is small, can replace part of the boring tool work.
8. The use of U drill without pre-hit the center hole, the processing of the blind hole bottom is more straight, eliminating the need for flat bottom drill.
9. The use of U drilling technology can not only reduce the drilling tools, and because the U drill is used in the head of the carved carbide blade, the cutting life of ordinary drill bit ten times, at the same time, the blade has four cutting edges, Blade cutting can be changed at any time cutting, the new cutting to save a lot of grinding and replacement tool time, can improve the efficiency of 6-7 times.
U drilling in the use of CNC machine tools skills
1. U drill when using the rigidity of the machine, the tool and the workpiece on the neutral requirements are higher, so U drilling for high power, high rigidity, high speed CNC machine tools used.
2. When using U drilling, the center blade should use a good tough blade, the surrounding blade should use more sharp blade.
3. When processing different materials, should use different slot-shaped blade, under normal circumstances, small feed, the tolerance is small, U drill diameter ratio is large, the choice of cutting force smaller groove-shaped blade, on the contrary rough, large tolerance, U Drilling diameter is smaller than the smaller cutting force when the slotted blade.
4. When using U drilling must take into account the machine spindle power, U drilling clamping stability, cutting fluid pressure and flow, while controlling the U chip chip removal effect, otherwise it will greatly affect the hole surface roughness and size Accuracy.
5. When clamping U drilling, make sure that the center of U is coincident with the workpiece center and perpendicular to the workpiece surface.
6. When using U drilling, select the appropriate cutting parameters according to the different parts.
7. U Drilling, must not be careful to fear and free to reduce the feed or reduce the speed, leaving the U drill blade damaged or U drill damage.
8. When using U-drilling, the blade is worn or damaged, carefully analyze the cause, replace the toughness or more wear-resistant blade.
9. Use U drill processing ladder hole, we must first start from the macro hole processing, and then processing holes.
10. U drill use Note that the cutting fluid should be of sufficient pressure to allow the chip to rush out.
11. U drill on the center and the edge of the blade used is different, do not be wrong, otherwise it will damage the U drill pole.
12. When drilling with a U drill, you can use workpiece rotation, tool rotation, and tool and workpiece rotation at the same time, but when the tool moves in linear feed mode, the most common method is to use the workpiece rotation mode.
13. In the CNC car processing to consider the performance of the lathe, the cutting parameters to make appropriate adjustments, generally reduce the speed, low feed.
U drilling in the NC processing often problems:
1. Blade damage too fast, easy to break, processing costs increase.
2. processing issued a harsh screams, cutting state is not normal.
3. Machine jitter, affecting the machining accuracy of the machine.
U drill use Note:
1. U drill installation should pay attention to the positive and negative direction, which blade up, which blade down, which inward, which outward
2. U drilling center must be corrected, according to its size to control the size of the control range, the general control within 0.1mm, U drill diameter smaller, the higher the higher the center, the center is not good U drilling on both sides Will wear, the aperture will be too large, shorten the life of the blade, small U drilling, then it is easy to break.
3. U drilling on the coolant requirements are high, must ensure that the coolant from the center of the U drill, the coolant pressure to the bigger the better, you can put the knife out of the excess outlet to ensure its pressure.
4. U drilling the cutting parameters in strict accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, but also consider the different brands of blades, machine power, processing can refer to the size of the load value of the machine, make the appropriate adjustments, the general use of high speed, low feed.
5. U drill blade to be regularly checked, timely replacement, different blades can not be installed anti.
6. According to the hardness of the workpiece and the length of the tool to adjust the amount of infeed, the harder the workpiece, the greater the amount of tool suspension, the smaller the amount of knife should be.
7. Do not use excessive wear of the blade, should be recorded in the production of blade wear and the number of parts can be processed in a timely manner to replace the new blade.
8. Use adequate and pressureful internal coolant. The main effect of the coolant is chip removal and cooling.
9. U drill can not be used to process soft materials, such as copper, soft aluminum and so on.