Focus on the processing of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy cutting The model of difficult processing



Company address: No. 19, District SE1, International Mechanical and Hardware Square, Wushachangrong, Changan Town, Dongguan City.

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About YMT
   YMT (Dongguan) Cutting Tool Limited Company is a high-tech enterprise concentrated on developing and producing all kinds of cemented carbide precision cutter (including the whole carbide end mill, drill and reamer). The products are widely used in IT, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry and other fields and have vast potential for future development. IT has a unique design concept in the field of processing stainless steel, highlight rose reamer and highlight aluminum alloy and innovated and researched many styles of new cutting tools. 
  The important equipment used for production are CNC cutter grinder, CNC machining center and testing instruments, etc., which are all from Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The production equipment is advanced and in high degree of automation. Company has established a strategic cooperative partnership with the well-known equipment suppliers.
  The company insists on the concept of that talent is the first productive force. It has a powerful technical team composed by technical experts in PhD degree from Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States who are concentrated on research and development, production and processing and after-sales service. The team's core backbone are engaged in the development and application of precision cutting tools for many years in the same industry at home and abroad and has accumulated rich technical experience. Company will also increase the introduction and training of all kinds of technical talents in cemented carbide and constantly send technical personnel to learn from the domestic and foreign related colleges and universities. The company is aimed at creating a management, research and development, production and marketing team with high-quality and powerful skills in its own characteristics.
  The development strategy of company is to build first-class manufacturers of hard alloy cutter both at home and abroad and to transform every corner of the world with our tools.
  Company adheres to the guiding ideology of "Be United, Alert, Earnest and Lively" to "create iron team, carry forward the spirit of innovation, realize personal value and achieve enterprise dream", which is the management idea of the company.
  Company will also connect the domestic scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and high-end users to form organic combination in Industry-University-Research-Application. It will constantly develop high-grade precision cutting tools to provide quality products for processing industry in our country and to become a professional cutting tool supplier which can provide system processing solution continuously to customers and to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in domestic market.
  The production workshops of company have constant temperature and humidity. Company is striving to build a new high-tech enterprise which has beautiful working environment, comfortable living environment and rich and colorful enterprise culture. It sets "Taking the factory as home and   feeling honor when factory is prosperous" to make the staff develop with the company in common.
Pursuit excellent quality
  YMT (Dongguan) Cutting Tool Limited Company has tested and studied in manufacturing technology and continuously and constantly improved the innovation of technology. YMT is absolutely strict on quality control and takes quality as first principle to achieve the target of three highs: high quality, high efficiency and high customer satisfaction.
Innovative service
  The company established the cutting applied technology center, which used to test and research the products and new products continuously, and report the most ideal and precise cutting life after verified to the customer.
Company culture  
  Create iron team, carry forward the spirit of innovation, realize personal value and achieve enterprise dream
  Business with passion, operation with honesty, optimistic life and social returns
  Diligently, careful, elaborately and make sure the quality
  Revitalize national industry and fill the blank of the industry.
  Loyal, responsibility, innovation, dedication, honesty, innovation, exploration and pioneering.
       Thinking carefully and strive for perfection 
Future development
  Taking the concept of customer first, excellent quality and global marketing, YMT has constantly innovated and researched many styles of new cutting tools. Improving the machining efficiency can increase the tool life and meeting the needs of all customers in product development.