Focus on the processing of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy cutting The model of difficult processing



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M stainless steel series


S titanium alloy series


N copper aluminum alloy


G graphite FRP series


YMT Four core strengths

Pursuit excellent quality

YMT (Dongguan) Cutting Tool Limited Company has tested and studied in manufacturing technology and continuously and constantly improved the innovation of technology. YMT is absolutely strict on quality control and takes quality as first principle to achieve the target of three highs: high quality, high efficiency and high customer satisfaction.

Innovative service

The company established the cutting applied technology center, which used to test and research the products and new products continuously, and report the most ideal and precise cutting life after verified to the customer.

Company culture

Diligently, careful, elaborately and make sure the quality. Business with passion, operation with honesty, optimistic life and social returns. Thinking carefully and strive for perfection

Future development

Taking the concept of customer first, excellent quality and global marketing, YMT has constantly innovated and researched many styles of new cutting tools. Improving the machining efficiency can increase the tool life and meeting the needs of all customers in product development.

About Us

YMT (Dongguan) Cutting Tool Limited Company is a high-tech enterprise concentrated on developing and producing all kinds of cemented carbide precision cutter (including the whole carbide end mill, drill and reamer). The products are widely used in IT, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry and other fields and have vast potential for future development. IT has a unique design concept in the field of processing stainless steel,...... View more