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Notes of using cutter

Time:2017-09-27 09:46

  Cutter material :

  Carbide end mill, metal ceramic, ceramic, CBN sintered body and adamas sintered body, electro-deposition adamas, high-speed steel and alloy steel.

  Physical property

  Appearance: different in materials, gray, black, golden etc.

  Smell: odourless

  Hardness and proportion:

  Composition:W,Ti,Al,Si,Ta,B,Vand others carbide, nitride, carbonitride, oxide and add Fe,Co,Ni,Cr,Mo and other metallic bond


  The safety precautions of using cemented carbide cutter:

  1. The proportion of cemented carbide material is great. Therefore, if the size and number is large please pay special attention to it and handle as a weight.

  2. When grinding, cemented carbide cutting tool will produce high cutting temperature, dust and aerosol. It will be harmful if the dust and aerosol touching the eyes or skin as well as inhaling by human body.

  3. Therefore, when grinding the cemented carbide cutting tool, it is recommended to use part dust collection device, face mask, gloves and eye protection. If touching the dust by hands, please clean it by soap and water thoroughly.

  4. Don’t eat at workplace. Wash your hands before eating. Clean the dust of clothes by cleaner or washing. Do not pat the dust.

  5. It will affect the skin, breathing apparatus and heart if touching the dust for a long time. 


  The precautions of using cemented carbide cutter:

  ·1. The material of cemented carbide cutter has the characteristics of hard and brittle. Therefore, please be sure to use the diamond grinding wheel for finish machining.

  ·2. The material of cemented carbide cutter has the characteristics of hard and brittle. Therefore, it will be broken when getting a shock or powerful clamp force.

  ·3. The coefficient of thermal expansion of cemented carbide is small. Therefore, for the productions used for hot or cold shrinkage, if the operating temperature has significant differences with design value (high or low), it can have crack. 

  ·4. Please reserve the cemented carbide cutter in dry place because the cutting fluid or other liquid will corrode it and then to reduce the strength of the cutter.

  ·5. When brazing the cemented carbide blade, if the brazing temperature is too high or too wet, the blade will be fallen off or had cracks.

  ·6. After sharpening the cemented carbide cutter, please check for cracks carefully.

  ·7. If using the electricity on processing cemented carbide cutter, please check for cracks carefully otherwise will affect the strength of cutting tool. It can eliminate the surface crack by accurate grinding when necessary.


  The solution and reason of various accidents

  The blades of all cutting tools are very sharp, so it may get hurt directly touched by hands. ※ Especially when taking out from the shell or installing on the machine, please use gloves and other protect supplies.

  The cutter may be broken and burst out to result in hurt if using the wrong or inappropriate method. ※ Please use safety shield to protect the eyes.

  ※ Please use the recommended cutting condition and read the instructions and sample data carefully.

  Due to the impact load, the cutter is excessive wear and cutting force is increased, which result in cutter breakage and splash and harm operator. ※ Please use safety shield to protect the eyes.

  ※ Please replace the worn cutter timely

  The chip splash in high temperature and long scraps discharge can cause damage and burn the operator. ※Please use gloves and other protect supplies.

  The temperature is high during cutting process. Please do not directly touch the finished cutting tool or workpiece to avoid the risk of burn. ※Please use safety shield to protect the eyes.

  ※ Should shut down when removing the chip machine and bring gloves to use forceps or clip.

  The cutting sparks, the high temperature and cuttings in high temperature during the intense friction can cause the danger of fire.

  ※ Please adopt fire prevention measures in using non-water soluble cutting fluid

  In the high speed rotates, if the balance performance of machine tool fixture is poor, it can produce vibration and flutter to make the cutting tool breakage and dangerous situation. ※Please use safety shield to protect the eyes.

  ※Please must to make commissioning of machine tool and determine that there was no vibration or flutter and abnormal voice again before formal operation.

  Please do not touch the defects such as burrs on artifacts when producing directly.※Please don't touch the workpiece by hands directly.


  (With indexable insert) the blade clamping with relevant parts, if not in the cutting off or fly out the possibility of injury accidents. Install the blade positioning and fastening parts, there is no sundry adhesion, carefully check that reliable then install the blade.

  ※ Please use the attached special spanner clamp fixed blades and spare parts. The special spanner never allowed for other purposes.

  If the clamping force is large when using the general the socket spanner and other auxiliaries, it can produce micro cracks and other defects and accident hidden danger. ※ Please just use the accessory special spanner clamping blade and other parts.

  When the cutter is in high speed rotating, due to the centrifugal force, the blade may fly out. ※ Please refer to the product specification and sample and use within the scope of the recommended.

  One may hurt yourselves when using all kinds of milling cutter and other types of rotating cutter. ※Please use gloves and other protect supplies.

  Due to eccentric rotating and unbalanced flutter, the cutter may cause by vibration and the cutting tool breakage and splash can lead to injury accident. The mental rotation speed should option according to the conditions of the recommended.

  ※ In order to prevent the whirling vibration caused by bearing wear, etc., should check the accuracy of rotary parts and adjust the balance.

  When the drill rotates the drill hole, the remaining cutters will fly out in high-speed. This content is in discoid and very sharp and easy to cause an accident. ※ Please use safety shield to protect the eyes and install the cover on clamping part.

  The top of drill in small diameter is very sharp and be stabbed. The broken drill cannot be removed within the workpiece and are likely to break to cause accident.※ Please use safety shield to protect the eyes and install the cover on clamping part.

  Welding knife has a blade loss and broken cause the risk of injury. ※Please confirm the stable welding before use.※ Please don’t use under high temperature conditions

  In addition to the provided use, it will cause damage of machine and very dangerous. ※Please obey the rules of usage.